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A data-driven sports betting platform.

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Most people are fans of sports, and many people want the chance to make some money while they watch their favorite game. That’s why Ballwiz’s owners put their heads together and created a platform to allow everyone to do just that, quickly and efficiently.

The Challenge

Our challenge in this project was to build a betting platform with a focus on data analytics, trends, and odds. This would allow the user to make their bets based on real statistics, removing ambiguity and subjectivity from the process.

We had to find the right balance between emotional bets and rational bets, so developing the UX was both challenging and fun!

On the other hand, collecting real-time statistics was difficult and required high-performance data processing.

"They’re willing to engage with a problem to figure it out rather than waiting to be told what to do."

Founder, Sports Betting Startup

The Solution

We used machine learning to process all the data we collected. This ensured that the user could base their bets on accurate and readily-accessible information.

We managed to gather information from different APIs before standardizing the data and structuring it. From there, we processed the data and presented it to the user in a meaningful way.

We combined data from different sports based on factors like weather conditions, team formation, team track records, team performance in the current season, who they have played/are playing, etc. — factors that support rational betting.

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