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We've iterated our Vetting Process to make it agile and efficient, so that we can guarantee that you get the best LATAM talent!


To understand your specific needs, we will assign your business to our Customer Success Manager that will follow your case closely to make sure we met your expectations. During this stage we will review the profiles needed and sign an NDA.

Soft-skills interview

Apart from finding matching candidates in terms of certifications and techs, we will also check the soft skills of the different profiles.

Technical Assessment

Our tech expert in the Talent Acquisition will be in charge of checking with a Live Technical Assessment the level of the candidate to make sure it fits your needs.

English Level & Cultural Fit

Of course the english level and the culture fit is a relevant part of the process. We make sure the english level is advanced and that the candidate is aligned and a good culture fit for your company.

Hiring & Onboarding

Even though the hiring process is finished, our service is not over. Our Customer Success Manager will work closely with your team during the ramp-up period, as the new member sets up their development environment and gets acquainted with the project tools, teammates, and workplace etiquette. We are even willing to help the person learn any new tool or technology needed.

Customer Service

We are a personalized customer centric company. Your feedback will be key and if you think our service did not meet your expectations, we will work with a 15-days trial period. In that stage, you can choose a new resources until you are happy with our services. It comes with no extra cost and at the same hourly rate.

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Our Culture

Here at WeDevelop, we pride ourselves on being more than your average tech company.

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The WeDevelop community stands out for loving what we do. Our inquisitive nature sets us ahead of the game and enables us to stay on edge. Our indomitable spirits and relentlessness have us seeking out excellence. With our always-be-learning mindset, mistakes become opportunities to grow and learn.

There is no “I” in “team” here at WeDevelop, as we work as a Dream Team. And there is no better team than one that creates room for all ideas and empowering all voices. Equity and inclusion mark our way, and everyone is a key player.

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